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Science Cafe

 Science is around the corner! 

Have you ever wanted to know more about a scientific issue but could not because the terminology of the specific scientific field was incomprehensible to you and the related content available on the Internet and the specialized talks about it did not help you? Maybe you liked to discuss a specific topic in your field of study with an interested audience but could not find the right platform. In that case, you are not alone. All these challenges are part of a bigger problem, that is, how can science be presented to the public?

The large gap between science and society can bring about unfortunate consequences. Therefore, in different countries, various programs are held to publicize science and bridge the gap between people and science. Science Cafés are one of the most popular programs designed for this purpose.

 Science Café 

Science Cafés are casual and informal places that take science outside of its conventional framework and present it to the public in simple terms. These programs allow regular people with any scientific background to give their opinion, ask questions and converse with the guest of the program who is a science promoter. This promoter can be a prominent biologist, a quantum physics researcher, an amateur astronomer, or any person around who based on his ideas the event is held and who has mastered the topic in question. However, the promoter is not to give a grand lecture, but to converse with the audience. This includes explaining scientific concepts to them in everyday language and being open to their questions. These events are held in cafes and similar places that are friendly and informal. Also, such spaces will allow the guest to be on the same level as the audience, thus creating a sense of equality among them.


 Mustafa Prize Science Café 

Mustafa Prize Science Café started in 2021 with the mission to make the scientific and technological discourse affect society. During its first year, the Mustafa Prize Science Café held 13 events attended by hundreds of science and technology enthusiasts. The promoters of these Science Cafés were from the most prominent universities around the world, trying to address topics such as string theory, climate change, herbal medicine, quantum physics, COVID-19 vaccine, etc. in a comprehensible manner.



کافه علم پروفسور وفا در هفته جایزه مصطفی

 Run your own science café! 

There are many scientific issues that have not been addressed in the Mustafa Prize Science Cafés held so far. Even among the addressed topics, there are unexplained issues that are yet to be explored. On the other hand, many cities have not hosted the event and many science enthusiasts have not had the chance to attend this science talk. Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation invites all those interested in promoting science and technology around the world to throw their very own Science Café. Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation will support them and grant them the right to hold the Mustafa Prize Science Café.




 You run the science café, we support it 

You are ready to have your own science café if you have chosen a scientific topic, picked a suitable science promoter, and gathered the audience in a proper place.

In fact, Mustafa Prize has been formed at the intersection of the following four points at issue:

  • What is the subject of the science café?
  • Who is the science promoter?
  • How many people are invited to the science café?
  • Where is the location of your science café?




Conditions for supporting your Science café


We will support your science café given the following conditions:

  • You should organize the science café based on the same specifications that were previously stated in your proposal (the promoter, the location, the number of attendees, etc.)
  • You should respect the intellectual rights of the event such as the title of the event, the logo, etc.
  • You should provide the foundation with multimedia content following the event (pictures of the event and a horizontal, one-to-five-minute video)
  • You should upload a brief report of the event on the science café website afterward

 How to host a Science Café 

First, you need to send your information along with the answer to the four abovementioned questions here. Attach the answer of the questions in the form of a pdf file to your resume. Then, your application will be examined and we will contact you with information regarding the level of our support and how we do it. Our support includes the extensive capacities of the foundation’s scientific network to its scientific and technological interaction, providing a science promotion facilitator, publicizing the event, media coverage, financial support, etc.

Contact us

Regarding any questions about the science café email Media@mustafaprize.org or call (+98)21 22220850, extension 111.

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